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Chauffage Essence Espar Airtronic M2 B4L


The Eberspacher/Espar Airtronic M2 B4L diesel heater kit is a 4kW heater, commonly used in the Ford Transit Eco-Boost or other gasoline engine conversion vans. The larger 4kW heater can support up to 4 outlets. The updated B4L model has automatic altitude adjustment and can even function at high altitudes of up to 9900 feet (3 kilometers) when fitted with an EasyStart Pro controller.

But what really sets this Espar diesel air heater apart is its engineering - it comes with a brushless fan for extra comfort and an improved pump that reduces clicking noise, meaning it can be fitted anywhere without impeding rest or sleep. And for added performance and convenience, this 2nd gen Espar diesel heater comes with an integrated temperature and altitude sensor.  Includes full warranty through Eberspacher Canada. 

Eberspacher part numbers included with this kit:

  • 20.2819.87.0400  - M2 B4L Heater with installation kit
  • 20.2800.70.2200 - Easy Start Pro Controller

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