Scopema Seat Swivel for Mercedes Sprinter Van (2007-2023)

Compatible Year

“The five S’s of sports training are stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” Ken Doherty - Professional Irish Snooker Player

Not our words, but those with a Sprinter Spirit will agree. Our favorite part of the “spirit” when it comes to campervan conversions is their adaptability and capacity for customization. Spirit comes from what something does, where it has been, and who it is that brought it to that point. When it comes to your van, that spirit is you!

Lucky on your end that we’ve got a handful of products (or ideas if we don’t) that will help you out on the customization end so that you can create a piece of art that has just as much spirit as you do.

One of our most requested customizable pieces is the Scopema Seat Swivel for Mercedes Van. While wooden countertops and a custom paint job are sweet and all, swivel chairs add a whole new layout to what you have available.

Use these for extra room in your main area, or build your table directly behind the front cab so you can turn your seats around and make it a table for four. These are built with a low profile in mind too, so backseat driving, eating, and conversing are all easily approved activities! 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Exact Fit - Fits all 2007 - Present Mercedes and Dodge Sprinters without any hassle. 
  • Low profile - Only raises the seat by 23mm (7/8”) making less of a problem when changing out your arrangements.
  • It Sits! - Still, that is. Provides very minimal rock/play when installed compared to other swivels. Sturdy is what we mean.
  • Handbrake Lowering Kit Included for driver side swivel

NOTE: These swivels are not engineered to be rotated while someone is sitting on the seat. This could cause damage to the swivel and will result in a metal abrasion sound.


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