Ford Transit Seat Swivel for Scopema Vans (2014-present)


As a child, I remember our family road trips. My sister and I were barely a year apart and had nothing better to do than ask how much longer while pushing each other's buttons. Remember, we didn’t have cellphones back then, and our parents resorted to telling us how many cartoon episodes away we were. This is a true story. We can only imagine what your parents went through! Of one thing though we are certain, had mom been able to clad her catsuit and swivel around mid-argument with an accompanying tail twitch, yes, a scared silence would surely have ensued!

What we do know is that the Scopema Ford Transit Seat Swivel provides multiple benefits, not just that of child scaring devices, but that does indeed add at least three bonus points. For example, depending on your van build you can turn around a parked seat to add a couple of spots to a built-in table, or an added seating area to the “living space.” Some have gotten more creative, building seat top wooden benches for extra surface area and, of course, the kids can use them to make a fort.

Whatever you decide, these will provide a great convertible addition to your campervan conversion.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Compatability Ready - Fits all 2014 - Present Ford Transits.
  • Discreet Installation - You'll hardly notice a difference, allowing for minimal adjustments as these only raise the seats by 23mm (7/8”).
  • Sturdy as Can Be - Very minimal rock/play when installed compared to other swivels.
  • Adjustable - Driver's seat swivel comes with a handbrake lowering bracket for the convenience of short and tall driver Chinese fire drills.

NOTE: These swivels are not engineered to be rotated while someone is sitting on the seat. This could cause damage to the swivel and will result in a metal abrasion sound.


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