Glacière 12V Furrion

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  • The Ultimate Off-Grid Electric Cooler


    Furrion eRove is a high-tech solution to a problem that outdoor enthusiasts have been battling forever: keeping food and drinks fresh and safe without compromising your time in the outdoors. With 50Qt of storage space and best in class insulation technology, eRove can keep ice from melting for longer than any other cooler. Whether you're planning a weekend off the grid, need a cooler for your BBQ party or need to keep things cold during a power outage or natural disaster, eRove is the perfect solution.

    Key Features


    - Large Capacity 50Qt: up to 72 Cans 

    - 6Qt of Dry Storage 

    - Up to 10 days Ice Retention 

    - Optimized Cooling Algorithm 

    - Capable of Freezing to -8°F 

    - Wireless Charging 

    - 2 USB 2.0 & 1 USB 3.0 

    - Compatible with Furrion Off-Grid Energy ecosystem 

    - Detachable Cup and Umbrella Holders

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