Isolateur batteries BlueSea (Double Plus)


A compact battery selector switch with a 300A rating, which can be either surface, front panel or rear panel mounted. Switches either Battery 1 or Battery 2 or both together to a single load.

Switch Type  Selector 4 Position
Color Red
Switch Positions 4
Battery Combine Yes
Alternator Field Disconnect  No
Maximum Voltage 32V DC
Stud Size 3/8"
Terminal Stud Torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
Continuous Rating  300A
Intermittent Rating  500A (5 min)
Cranking Rating 30 sec  900A
Battery Inputs 2
Cable Clearance For 4/0 AWG Cables 1.12in (28.45 mm)
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 4/0 AWG (120mm²)
Mounting Holes Accept #10 Screw
Stud Material Tinned Copper
Stud Torque 120 in-lb (13.56 Nm)
Terminal Stud Size 3/8" - 16 (M10)
Weight 0.77lb (0.35 kg)
Weight 0.77lb (0.35 kg)


Catégorie: Isolateur